Juneau Mountain Rescue (JMR) is a nonprofit, volunteer search and rescue team, operating in Juneau, Alaska.

Our Mission

  • Perform humanitarian search, rescue, and recovery operations in all climatic conditions and in any situation compatible with team capabilities, under the authority of the Alaska State Troopers.
  • Promote wilderness safety and accident prevention to the general public.
  • Provide team members with mountaineering and rescue skills, knowledge, and experience.

JMR was founded as a a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in 1982. JMR has been an accredited team with the Mountain Rescue Association since 1992.

Our Team

JMR consists of volunteers with a wide range of skill sets, abilities and passions. Those skills include but are not limited to:

  • Ground/wilderness search
  • High angle and technical rescue
  • Avalanche rescue
  • Incident management
  • Aircraft rescue

Do you feel you have or want to learn any of those skills? We want to hear from you. JMR is always looking for passionate volunteers. Email membership@juneaumountainrescue.org to get involved.